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The Adamello Brenta National Park: all-round nature!

It’s really true. In one of the many excursions that will lead you from Andalo to discover the Adamello Brenta National Park, the most extensive protected area in Trentino, you will be able to uncover the impressive tracks of its main inhabitant: the brown bear! Just like those of foxes, martens or steinbocks, hares or squirrels, and many other protected species from this marvellous nature reserve. Due to its geological diversity, the vegetation in the park is rich and varied: a spectacle without compare.

For visits to the Adamello Brenta Park choose an Andalo for Family hotel. Dedicated services for families, as well as organised walks and trekking! in the Adamello Brenta Park, Andalo for Family excursions are prefect for children, who have fun while learning. An endless game in the open air to discover nature. Let your children discover the beauty of Trentino, with Andalo for Family educational activities.

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