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Pradel is a beautiful natural balcony overlooking Lake Molveno and the Brenta Dolomites, packed with facilities and attractions for children. So you can see why it is an unmissable destination during your holiday in Andalo!

 The beautiful grassy plateau of Pradel lies nearly 1400 m above sea level in a very sunny position. Every summer, many families choose to spend a day on this lush meadow surrounded by cool conifer forests.

Pradel can be reached on the brand-new “La Panoramica” cable car, or on foot from Andalo with a relaxing walk through the forest.

In addition to the breathtaking views, this very picturesque place is also the starting point for a number of outdoor activities, including footpaths leading to high mountain rifugi, and plenty of child-friendly options!
At Pradel there is everything a child could possibly want, including the educational trail in search of the squirrel Sciury, the exciting high wire courses of the Forest Park, easy walks suitable for little legs, and a farm park which organises children’s activities with the animals.
Pradel is completely surrounded by beautiful countryside, from the bright white rocks of the Dolomites to the deep green of the forests and meadows; this is a place where children can enjoy themselves outdoors whilst the adults stretch out on the grass and enjoy a well-earned rest.

How to get there Via the Pradel cable car and mountain footpaths
To get to Pradel with children, there are two options, both with their own attractions: walk through the forest from Andalo, or take the brand-new cable car for the fast way to reach the plateau overlooking the spectacular Brenta Dolomites.

 A ride on the cable car

La cabinovia Pradel-Molveno vi permetterà di fare un salto di ben 500 metri: in men che non si dica raggiungerete quota 1.367!

The Molveno-Pradel cable car whisks you up the mountain, covering the 500 m ascent in no time at all! Opened in 2014, the lift is called “La Panoramica”, the panoramic, and it is easy to see why it got this name! As it climbs the mountainside, the views get better until you can see the whole of Lake Molveno, which from above looks like a beautiful turquoise jewel nestling among the mountains.

The Pradel cable car is a fun alternative if you are with children who are not yet walking, if you have pushchairs or if you only have a few hours to enjoy a brief visit. And of course a ride in a cable car is always something special for children! A second chairlift takes you from Pradel to Croz-dell’Altissimo and the Rifugio La Montanara restaurant.

A walk through the cool forest

If you would like to try a hike that is not too challenging during your holiday in Andalo then a walk to Pradel from the centre of Andalo village will really make you feel like you have achieved something. The forest track climbs gradually from the sports centre to Pradel and is suitable for pushchairs.

The whole walk takes around one hour at a gentle pace. A more challenging option, more suitable for older children, is the footpath from Molveno up to Pradel. From Via Belvedere, walk in the direction of a place called Pian del Piof and then continue to Pradel, passing the delightful Chiesetta degli Alpini chapel which is well worth a visit. 

Rifugio Pradel and other suitable hikes for younger children

What can you do when you reach the beautiful pastures of Pradel? There is so much to choose from! The Pradel plateau is also the gateway to the Dolomites, the starting point for numerous trails to the most beautiful points of the Brenta group. These include some nice easy paths which are also suitable for families. One of the best child-friendly hikes is up to the Rifugio La Montanara restaurant, just 25 minutes from the top station of the Panoramica cable car.

Rifugio La Montanara is made for families: not only is it one of the most beautiful viewpoints for admiring the delicate white summits of the Dolomites, this traditional mountain lodge also offers everyone the chance to have fun and relax, whether soaking up the sun on the lawn, playing in the playground, or enjoying some refreshments on the terrace. This is just one of many options for families. A slightly longer but still very manageable option is the hike from the Panoramica lift to another famous mountain hut near Pradel, the spectacular Croz dell’Altissimo.

Fun activities for children: Sciury the Squirrel, the Forest Park and Pradel Farm Park

Pradel is the perfect place for children to learn about the mountains and the animals that live there.

On the Sciury trail

Much-loved by children of all ages, this educational trail is all about Sciury, the most famous squirrel in Andalo. 2.5 km in the cool, fresh forest in search of the little animal with the big bushy tail. Along the way, children will have fun learning about their dreys, how to recognise their footprints, playing with interactive installations and picking up all sorts of facts about forest life. The busiest attraction is always the giant wooden statue of Sciury, inside which there are ropes and nets that allow children to safely climb to the top.

Pradel Farm Park

Do your children love animals? Then bring them to the Pradel Farm Park! Welcome to Malga Tovre, an Alpine farm which is home to puppies, sheep, horses, donkeys, geese and pigs. Kids can see how the animals are looked after and also get involved in fun educational workshops or go for walks with the donkeys. And when they have worked up an appetite, they can enjoy some fresh farm produce.

Adventures in the Forest Park

If your children are more adventurous, bring them to the Pradel Forest Park where they can tackle the courses high up among the trees, using wires, walkways and suspended bridges, a great way to crown an unforgettable holiday in Andalo.

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