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The Paganella Plateau for children

The Paganella Plateau: the mountain is within reach

The Paganella Plateau, at 1000 metres above sea level, is just a few kilometres from the exit on the Brennero motorway. In twenty minutes by car you can leave the chaos of the city behind and reach the peace and quiet of the mountains.

The Paganella Plateau: skiing in the winter, walking in the summer

Are you on holiday in Paganella: are you wondering what to do? The Paganella Plateau is a very well-known destination in Trentino for lovers of winter sports. Quickly and easily, right from the centre of Andalo, the lifts will take the whole family directly to the slopes. And Paganella is for everyone: experts, beginners, children full of energy who want to experience the thrill of putting on skis for the first time.

The Paganella Plateau ski slopes, much loved in the winter by skiers of all levels and all ages, in the summer become natural theatres of unforgettable panoramas. The fast lifts open in the summer months to take you (with ease) up to the peak of Paganella. There the scenery is spectacular: a 360° view of Trentino and the Dolomites.
Walks on green slopes, a tasty Trentino meal in one of the many refuges which are also open in the summer, and all the pleasure of the many excursions which, starting from Andalo, will lead you to discover the beauty of this mountain in the heart of Trentino. Children are the protagonists: everyone can explore Paganella with Andalo for Family!

Paganella for children

The Paganella Plateau is perfect for children: sport, nature and fun are available for everyone, even the youngest of children.

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