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The Spomaggiore wildlife park: face to face with the bear and the wild animals of the mountain

Near to Andalo there’s a place where you can see bears, wolves, and lynxes up close.
It’s the Spormaggiore wildlife park, on the Paganella plateau. To make your mountain holiday even more exciting for your children, take them to see the wild animals of the Alps: it will be an unforgettable experience for them!

The layout of the Spormaggiore wildlife park will let you come face to face with wolves, or see bears sleeping just a few metres away. Three specimens of brown bear live within an enclosed area of 7000 square metres; wolves have also been introduced into the park, and they have a large dedicated area. There are also eagle owls, lynxes and wolves: all of the animals from children’s tales finally within reach!

As well as the area with the Alpine carnivores, in the Spormaggiore wildlife park there is a farm to visit, where you will be able to see the courtyard animals up close: goats, rabbits, chickens, guinea-fowl and ponies.

But it’s not just animals! The park offers its visitors the opportunity of getting a close-up view of Alpine trees: beech, spruce pine and larch.

A small but well-equipped children’s playground and a snack-area complete the services for an unmissable day immersed in nature!

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